Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solutions from Colors Digital

Colors Digital provides you with the capability of capturing your audience’s attention just as you envisioned it, without having to worry about the technical know-how. Uniting spectacular colors, superior image quality and modular flexibility our digital signage solutions are designed to meet your needs Software solutions are one of the most important considerations in digital signage network design. Digital signage can be likened to a human-machine interface, with the software being the central nervous system. Without it, your display wouldn’t be much more than a slideshow. Our software suite allows you to organize data from multiple sources and present critical information in real time.

Our ideal software solutions take all of these considerations into account:-

  • Scalability – The number of sources and amount of information your network needs to display will increase with time. Our software has the scalability to handle your control room’s information needs for the foreseeable future.
  • Interoperability – Information sources may reside on many different systems. Our software can interface seamlessly with all these sources. It uses internet technology and non-proprietary browser-based display software to allow remote monitoring and control.
  • Integration – An integrated solution which works with different hardware/network topologies in a seamless manner using multiple screens to create a single unified desktop display, whether on the video wall or on networked client computers. Colors Digital can provide you with a solution that is going to provide reliable performance and grow with your information processing needs and capabilities.

Signages Speciality


Colors Digital Signage provides ability to display any type of media. Showcase Images, Live Feeds (RSS), Full HD Video, Flash, Animations, Audio files and more. There is no fixed zone; hence the content can be placed according to how you want to see it. Our digital signage solutions provide a unique functionality to each display.

Dynamic & Adaptable Systems

Colors Digital offers a complete range of dynamic solutions to inform, promote, entertain & sell. Our solution helps you to survive in today’s changing world and ensure current and future success Solutions are Ranging from simple, low cost, product showcase systems for retail and restaurants to enterprise-class digital signage hardware and software solutions for complex installations.

Flexible Design Layouts

Colors Digital Signage Solutions allows you a complete range of on-screen design templates from full-screen layouts to zoned, sectional and divided displays. Choose any content to achieve that aesthetic design that brings attention to your message.

Competitive, Low Cost of Ownership

Colors Digital offers a superior product with Optimum utilization of staff, print, paper, time & effort to deploy promotions. Our Digital Signage platforms provide Instant deployment of messages results in time saving, is cost effective, and result driven and can be scaled to any sized application. Low content management cost due to our inbuilt content creator software which guarantee the best return on investment.